Providing leading-edge technology for minimally invasive orthopedic procedures

Suffering from a hand, knee, or joint problem can be frustrating. Whether the orthopedic issue is a mild annoyance or is causing debilitating pain, you deserve to get the issue corrected so you can get back to a better quality of life quickly.

Turn to Thousand Oaks Surgery Center (TOSC) — a treatment destination dedicated to the highest standards of care. We offer the latest, proven technology and equipment for orthopedic procedures — whether for hands, knees or total joint replacement. Our AAAHC-accredited, Medicare-approved advanced facility and equipment allow your surgeon to use minimally invasive procedures that decrease your downtime, reduce your risk of infection and speed your recovery.

Offering personalized care to ease your treatment experience

We take pride not only in providing advanced technology and equipment for your surgeon but also in our personal, compassionate approach to your care. Our medical support team will provide you with VIP treatment during your entire time with us — from your admission to your discharge.

  • Our friendly, professional admission staff will answer any questions you have and make getting checked in effortless and quick.
  • A nurse will lead you to a pre-op room and get you ready for your procedure.
  • During your recovery, a nurse will check on you frequently to make sure you have what you need. In the meantime, any family members or friends you brought with you will be kept informed of how you are doing.

To find out more about having your orthopedic procedure performed at Thousand Oaks Surgery Center, call us at 805.230.3100 or contact us via our online form.