Setting the Standard for Outstanding Patient Experiences

For all of us here at Thousand Oaks Surgery Center (TOSC), your patient experience is as important as the quality of your treatment outcomes. We are committed to the most effective care, and we exercise the highest personal attention to your safety. Our professionals dedicate themselves to your best surgical outcome. We cater to your comfort and offer personalized, compassionate care — a dramatic difference from what you can expect from typical hospital operating rooms.

A luxurious, calming setting designed for comfort and privacy.

TOSC’s state-of-the-art, 10,000-square-foot freestanding center is an upscale, welcoming place that is convenient and private. In addition to soothing colors and elegant surroundings, you’ll find a calming, relaxed ambiance. TOSC features private rooms, comfortable recliner-beds, warm blankets, sound systems and many other amenities designed to put you at ease and let you have a comfortable, supportive, enjoyable surgical experience.

Compassionate, professional and attuned to your needs.

Our focus is on providing exemplary care, including enhancing your experience by providing the best possible service, accessibility and convenience, including:

  • Easy scheduling and check-in
  • Pre-procedure reminder and “what-to-expect” call
  • Easy freeway access
  • Convenient patient drop-off
  • Insurance and billing hotline

At Thousand Oaks Surgery Center, you come first. Everything we do is designed around your needs, from convenient access and individualized attention to making sure your procedure with us is accomplished with the best possible care you can imagine, desire and expect.

For more information, call 805.230.3100. Or contact us via our easy online form.