Technology and tools to help alleviate pain

When you’re struggling through pain, all you want is relief. At Thousand Oaks Surgery Center (TOSC), we understand how you feel and have designed our facility to provide the latest, proven technology and equipment to support state-of-the-art, lasting pain-management procedures.

Pain can come from a number of sources, including disease, accident or injury. Whether you suffer from back pain, joint pain, neck pain, pain from cancer or pain in other areas of your body, our AAAHC-accredited, Medicare-approved facility is equipped to handle the most advanced pain-management procedure.

Compassionate team to make your stay comfortable

In addition to our leading-edge technology and equipment, our facility is known for its compassionate medical professionals who specialize in making your stay with us as relaxing as possible. From our admission staff to our nurses to our discharge specialists, everyone you meet at TOSC will give you the VIP service you deserve so you have the best treatment experience possible. What’s more, any family members or friends who accompany you on the day of your procedure can expect the same level of service. They can relax in our upscale facility while we attend to you. And, we’ll keep them well informed of how you are doing at all times.

Don’t suffer through pain any longer. It’s time to find relief once and for all. To learn more about having your pain-management procedure performed at Thousand Oaks Surgery Center, call us at 805.230.3100 or contact us via our online form.